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Screencaps for Ep 2.17 added

I have added the screencaps for Blockade to the episodes' page. Mike and Steve are investigating rape and murder of a young and attractive waitress whose body is found dead in the Golden Gate Park. Her car, that was left behind at the Great Highway along Ocean Beach, as well as witnesses' statements soon lead them to a suspicious guy, Chet Barrow, who is working for an aviation maintenance company. They do not know yet that Barrow had teamed-up with a young and naïve guy, Russell Jamison, who was not aware of his friend's real intention and tendency to violance before. The whole case gets even tougher when Barrow seeks to hide-out at Russ' home by taking his buddy as well as Mrs. Jamison and the daughter of a judge hostage. Our two cops literally smell the rat after interrogating Russell at his home but need to work out a good and safe plan to set the hostages free. This episode also has a sociocritical aspect which augmented in the early 1970's when old-style conservative parents lost touch with their growing-up children. Here we learn that Mrs. Jamison has dedicated all her life to the family of a judge but fails to see her neglected son has fallen with the psycho Chet Barrow and actually helped him kill their victim.

Talking about this episode's crime scene, we are taken to famous Cliff House where Chet Barrow and Russ Jamison are setting the trap for waitress Susan Ellen Morley by manipulating her car's fuel system; Susan's dead body is found in the Golden Gate Park, in Stow Lake precisely, the next day. The Jamison's house in located in Potrero Hill, at 553 Wisconsin Street, and Mike meets Susan's father down at Fisherman's Wharf. During their investigation, Mike and Steve are also going to San Quentin Penitentiar as well as to the Industiral Harbour around Pier 70 (notice that orange 'Boats, Beer, Bait' sign in background),and the general aviation field of San Francisco International Airport. Following Barrow's motorcycle escape at the airport, the plot centers onto the Jamison's house in Potrero Hill (with police operations based at 20th and Wisconsin Streets).

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