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Screencaps for Ep 3.09 added

I have just added the screencaps for Cry Help! to the episodes' page. Mike and Steve are responding to a call for a suspected case of child abuse. When they arrive at the house of the Harris family, the tensed atmosphere is still apparent but although Mike asks the boy to lower his shirt and discovers various scars indicating earlier child abuse, the boy himself as well as his mother defend the boy's step father, Bob Harris, who is full of self-reproaches. Shortly after, another neighbour's emergeny call reaches police indicating a shooting inside the Harris house. Bob Harris is found dead, and Bonnie Harris - physical mother to Paul - tells the police that a neighbourhood kid, Tommy Sanders, a friend of Paul's with a relevant abusive past, pulled the trigger in an effort to 'help'. Paul himself does not say anything as he is afraid that he might incriminate someone very close to him no matter was he has to tell. We as the audience learn that neither Tommy nor Paul, but Paul's mother Bonnie herself shot Bob Harris to death during a fight after Bob accused her of being too incautious with a gun stored in a shoe box. We also learn that it was actually her who abused Paul frequently. When Tommy discovers that even his caring and loving foster parents believe in the lies, he is on the run. Mike and Steve need to find out the truth in order to prevent an act of desperation.

Filming for this episode commenced at 19th and Sanchez Streets where we can see Paul and Tommy running down the Sanchez Street steps. Paul Harris' home is located just north of that intersection, at 589 Sanchez Street. Although the plot indicates that Tommy is living in the same neighbourhood, the Sanders' house is acutually located on Potrero Hill, at 755 Wisconsin Street, with typical Dogpatch and Pier 70 sightings visible in the far background. While being on the run, Tommy tries to purchase a bus ticket at the Transbay Transit Terminal (now demolished), and later on he strolls around Market Street before a police patrol spots and traces him. Tommy escapes into the BART Station at Montgomery Street and gets away. In the meantime, Mike and Steve are talking to an addiction counselor whose office is located on Potrero Hill again, at 1401 18th Street, and we are also taken to Tommy's and Paul's hide-out, a withdrawn warehouse off 20th and Indiana Streets, where Mike and Steve can finally find Tommy.

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