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Screencaps for Ep 1.15 added

The screencaps for Act of Duty are now online in the episodes' section. Being on the trail of a serial rapist in the Pacific Heights district, who obviously chases his victims in a local supermarket, Evelyn Hennick, a female police officer and friend of Steve Keller, is murdered in her apartment. Another female police officer and former roommate of the murder victim, Sherry Reese, rather a rookie, volunteers herself as bait in the trap but Mike Stone denies her effort for responsibility reasons. Sherry gets in contact with one of the former rape victims, who actually remembers an interesting detail the rapist said to her. Disregarding Mike's order, Sherry decides to take it on her own - and finally puts homicide's efforts and her own life in jeopardy.

Although this episode is supposed to take place in the Pacific Heights district, much of the actual filming was located in the Marina. Mike and Steve observe a supermarket which actually is Safeway at Marina and Buchanan. We are also taken to Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma, and to a military base which is supposed to be the Presidio, however, I am pretty sure there was not a building like the one shown as the 'base headquarters' on the Presidio, and the color does not coordinate with anything else there. Anyway, Sherry Reese meets former victim Nancy Connors for a questioning in a café at Davis Court, whereas the location of Sherry's new aparment house is actually located on S Mayfair Avenue in Daly City.

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