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Screencaps for Ep 1.22 added

I have just added the screencaps for Beyond Vengeance to the episodes' page. A homicidal rapist kills a young woman in an intercity coachfrom Phoenix just before reaching San Francisco. The victim, Valerie Mercer, was a friend of Mike's daughter, Jeannie, who was on the same bus but picked up earlier by her father in Oakland. It soon turns out that the suspect, Leonard Cord - put away by Mike twelve years before and just released from prison - is well prepared as he can provide airtight alibis for every suspicion police is investigating. Cord soon begins waging psychological warfare on Stone by stalking his daughter Jeannie. Steve takes time off due to the flu (which he does not have), with the backing of Captain Olsen, in order to support his partner who is getting very nervous and even more concerned about his daughter. Our two cops are on a race against the clock in an effort to disprove the killer's alibi for not having been on the coach from Phoenix as Cord himself is preparing his final blow on his actual target - Mike Stone.

This episode starts in an intercity coach approaching San Francisco by night. Jeannie is allegedly picked up by Mike at the Oakland Bus Terminal, however, I assume this sequence was actually filmed in San Francisco. The buildings look pretty much like a street adjacent to the former Transbay Transit Terminal, e.g. Natoma Street. We are taken to the now demolished Transbay Transit Terminal several times as well as to the Embarcadero Center (Embarcadero One, precisely) and famous Star Motel at Lombard, which is now closed. We also see Jeannie leaving the house of Valerie's parents at 15th Avenue and Ulloa Street before getting on a historical streetcar for downtown. Cord's exclusive apartment is located in the Diamond Heights district, we can see Mike and Steve approach the 'Village Square' complex on Diamond Heights Boulevard with St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in background. Steve shadows Cord at a rear exit of the aparment complex, at 28th and Douglass Streets, just before the climax is taking us to the Legion of Honor. As a sidenote, we're also getting a sneak preview of Mike's home. After Jeannie's arrival, they are having dinner on the balcony; due to the large panoramic windows and the perspective towards the full skyline of downtown San Francisco, however, I am pretty sure they used the neighbouring house to the left for this particular scene (probably due to the 'nicer' night view). One should add that they did not show any external view of Mike's house in this episode or before, however, they did shoot inside the actual house inĀ Hall of Mirrors when Mike was curing his injured ankle. Just check out the locations page and refer to the first picture of Mike's house.

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