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Screencaps for Ep 3.12 added

I have added the screencaps for License to Kill to the episodes' page. While Mike and Steve are investigating a syndicate murder and a following shooting in which the contract killer is injured, Barney Lujack shows up, and old friend of Mike's and his former partner before he moved over to Chicago. While Mike is happy all over to seeing his old friend back in town, we as the audience already learn in the opening sequence that Lujack is not back for longing for the good old days. It was actually him who shot at Waco, the killer who finally got away. Therefore, it is the way Barney uses friendship and misuses Mike's trust in his old friend's honesty which makes this episode's progress interesting. Mike's theory concerning a set-up for the contract killer seems to be conclusive, but after a bowling session among our two cops and Barney, beady-eyed Steve discovers that Barney and Mike are being observed by two men in a car. Alerted but not telling Mike in the first instance, Steve starts investigating Barney's background – and discovers that his son was killed by a professional killer. In the meantime, Mike's trust in his old friend nearly costs his life. While Mike and Barney are watching a football game on TV at night, someone shoots at his house, the bullet just passing Barney behind the curtain. Following this incident, Steve immediately informs Mike about the reason why Lujack came back to San Francisco, with the personal vendetta on hand. Furthermore, they get to know where Waco is hiding, trying to set a trap for Lujack. However, Barney is already on his way to the motel where Waco hiding, and finally, Mike has to draw a bitter consequence.

This episode's first filming location is Aquatic Park at Hyde Street Pier, where Lujack observes Waco entering famous Buena Vista Café. Waco is shot by Lujack after leaving the café, at the northernwestern corner of Beach and Hyde Streets. When police approaches the scene, Barney runs in hurry towards The Cannery courtyard where he gets rid of his hat and coat, so that police would not identify him. Later on, he leaves a 'clear message' for Waco in a bar in the Marina District, before showing up at Mike's office. In the meantime, Waco is seeing Andrews, the mob who contracted him, at the waterfront close to Fort Mason. Mike invites Barney to stay with him while he is in town, so several exterior and interior scenes were taken at Mike's house on Potrero Hill. Out two cops and Lujack are observed by the mob when Mike and Barney are visiting his daughter on Russian Hill, and Barney confronts Andrews on the rooftop of 210 Washington Street, which is the southeastern tower of the Davis Court apartment complex, and Steve catches Bellows on a parking lot at 4th Street, between Folsom and Howard (the open field is built up now, housing the Moscone Center). This episode's capper takes us to Cable Motel at 1450 Lombard where Waco has set a trap for Barney.

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