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Screencaps for Ep 3.13 added

I have added theĀ screencaps for The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague to the episodes' page. A small .25 caliber handgun, initially purchased by a concerned husband for his wife's personal protection, turns into a lethal weapon, leaving a trail of death and tragedy just 48 hours after it has been stolen. Mike and Steve are set on a murder of a local mobster's debt collector, but soon another death - the one of a ten-year old boy - adds to the lethal score. However, it turns out that locating the weapon involved is going to be a difficult task, putting even more innocent lifes at risk. Our two cops finally learn about the tragic progress when they catch the two boys who innocently shot their friend with the stolen gun, but the deadly tool has changed ownership again, so it needs a liquor store robbery and a wounded police officer in order to getting closer to the weapon's origins and its initial purpose - and also to the possible killer involved in the first murder. It turns out that gambling debts initiated the scaring trail of death.

A good amount of this episode was filmed in the South of Market and Mission Bay districts. This includes the gun shop in the opening scene where Al Cooper buys the handgun for his wife, the location where the two boys are getting rid of the deadly weapon, the liquor store robbery and the following car chase, as well as the epilogue sequence when Mike and Steve take Al Cooper to a 'casting company' where collected guns are melted and re-formed as manhole covers. We are also taken southbound to the Fort Funston National Park where Graham meets Damico's debt collector, and where the boys find the gun at Battery Davis. Graham's girl friend, Jean, is living in an apartment in Cow Hollow - identified by the rooftop scene towards the end of this episode - whereas Graham's own apartment is located in Potrero Hill. The apartment of his brother-in-law, Al Cooper, is located in the Dolores Heights district, and following a visit to the Coopers, Graham is chased by Damico's men to a construction site at Market & Castro Streets. In the meantime, Mike and Steve chase and finally catch the two boys at the Alta Plaza Park playground in the Pacific Heights. A few scenes were also taken inside the actual SFPD headquarter building on Bryant St. (when Al Cooper reports the gun theft), and when Mike and Steve are driving to Damico's office, they are getting off their car at the southeastern corner of Grove and Larkin Streets, the building's entrance shown as Damico's 'Superior Finance Corp.', however, is a still of a different location.

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