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Screencaps for Ep 3.21 added

I have just added theĀ screencaps for Asylum to the episodes' page. Murder inside a private clinic for psychiatric patients unsettles young female patient Susan, who suffers from a traumatic event which left her unable to speak, and another young patient, Pauk Bierce, who has somehow become a friend of her. Paul uses an excursion of a group of patients to get away, telling the police about the murder. He is upset by Mike's question if he was an employee or an inmate of the facilty, and when Paul cracks up he is sent back to the clinic. However, it does not take long until homicide is called into the institute for the death of Bierce who obviously hung himself. Considering Bierce's earlier visit to the department, Steve comes up with a suggestion: letting himself sent undercover to the clinic, performing as the drug addictve nephew of Mike, and trying to find out the backgrounds. Mike does not like his suggestion but with some briefing of the SFPD leading psychiatrist, Dr. Lenny Murchinson, as well as a well-dosed injection resulting in symptoms indistingishuable from an amphetamine overdosage. Steve makes it into the clinic and delivers helpful information from the files, and he can even establish a good rapport to Susan - which finally saves his life. Despite the limitation of filming locations to a very few, this is one of my favourite episodes of the season.

Filming locations are quite limited as mentioned before. Dr. Rabb's institute is located at 300 Lake Street which was the real address given in the script. It actually was the building of St. Anne's home for the elderly and the poor, opened as early as 1904. Unfortunately, this remarkable building did not meet updated health and safety regulation and was declared unsafe by the mid-1970's. Today, the new St. Anne's home is sitting in the same location - but they kept the old wall and railings which can be seen in this episode. The group of patients are visiting the actual California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, another remarkable building that did not make it into present. The Academy buildings were damaged significantly in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, so the complex was gradually closed and finally demolished in 2005, for a completely new building. Only one location is still standing upright, that being the house of the Wilcox which is located in the Pacific Heights district.

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