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Screencaps for Ep 3.22 added

I have just added theĀ screencaps for Labyrinth to the episodes' page. A trio of the mob's henchman is spreading into 'Hotel Pierre', chasing over-the-hill boxer Tony Farbreze who is hiding in the luxury-class hotel after he had double-crossed his mob controllers by knocking outcoming future champion Eddie - against the mob's directive. The trio, however, is identified by hotel security coordinator Al Ginnis, an ageing man and former SFPD police officer who traces the trio up to the seventh floor where Fabrieze has accommodation. Instead of taking immediate action Ginnis ends up freezing in this tracks, outside Fabrieze's room, whereas the rumble inside is going on. Fabrieze tries to explain that he just couldn't lose the fight in St. Louis after he spotted his little son among the spectators, but the trio won't let him go. After one of the mobsters ends up going through the window, still with his brass knuckles on, Tony is shot but the boxer makes it out of the room after knocking out the other two henchmen. Slowly bleeding to death, he takes swinging couple, Judith and Pete, hostage in their room, trying to find a solution. Meanwhile, police arrives on the scene, cordoning off the complete hotel after Ginnis informs Mike about the observation he made. Knowing Al Ginnis from his earlier service on the force, Mike demands Ginnis' help, unconsciously giving him a moral uplift. Harry and Jack, the two remaining mobsters, are trying to get out of the hotel but they cannot find a way out. Soon after he got busted in the hotel's laundry, gangster Harry uses an accidental chance to take Mike hostage, requesting a chopper on the hotel's roof top. Steve is waiting for a chance to rescue Mike, and just before Harry tries to open the helicopter's door, he takes the chance to end this nightmare. A happy end is waiting for Tony Fabrieze whose son is waiting for him at the hotel's gateway before he is taken to hospital, and also for Judith, who helped Tony by letting Mike and Steve know about the severely wounded man in their room; Steve lets her go without any further questioning which she was afraid could uncover her love affair.

This is the very first episode filmed on one and the same location. 'Hotel Pierre' as given in the script and indicated by the logo attached to the entrance canopy actually is the Brocklebank Apartments building on Nob Hill, possibly chosen due to a certain resemblance with the exterior gateway of famous Mark Hopkins Hotel which is located only one block away. The rooftop scene toward the end of this episode, however, was filmed on top the Alameda County parking garage in downtown Oakland, featuring its typical elliptic helicopter platform.

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