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Screencaps for Ep 4.03 added

I have just added the screencaps for No Place to Hide to the episodes' page. Organized prison gangs and drug dealing make up the plot for this episode. Drug dealer Jack Constantine, who has just been released from prison, immediately turns back into his old business. He uses a white gang in Holton penitentiary, leaded by Carl Metzger, in order to put pressure on other - unorganized - inmates and to force them and their wives to smuggle his drugs behind the prison walls. Prisoners who are not a member of a gang are fair game for anybody - and inmates who are not willing to follow Metzger's asking for a favour are threatened with death. Homicide gets involved when a young woman, Jennifer O'Brien, is murdered while doing her washing in a local laundry. The trail leads Mike and Steve into Holton penitentiary - and to the network of organized crime on this side as well as beyond the prison walls. It turns out that Jennifer O'Brien did not follow Constantine's demand so he got her killed by one of his henchman. Her husband, Robert, wants revenge but he finally ends up stabbed down by Metzger on the prison's recreation yard. That's when the white gang approaches another convict, Lou King, who used to be kind of a friend of killed Robert O'Brien. Scared by the killing of both, O'Brien and his wife, King agrees to Metzger's demand and asks his own wife, Rita, to be prepared for a smuggling job. Constantine gets in touch with the attractive young woman, demonstrates her how to get the drugs inside - by putting a balloon filled with heroin under her tongue and then transferring the bubble by kissing her man - and suggestively approaching her. After Rita delivered the first package, Constantine gets back to her, asking her to take the double load next time. Rita, however, is sick of Constantine's threats to murder both her and her husband as well as coming on to her for sexual favours, so she finally makes an indication to Stone and Keller but wants them to get her husband safe first, otherwise she would not tell anything. Constantine, troubled by police permanently talking to Rita, makes a fatal decision that would break his back. He wants to get rid of Rita, so he breaks into her house in order to kill her. Lucky Rita, Mike and Steve are just on their way to her concerning the judge's statement on getting her husband released for protection. Just when Constantine is about to fight her down, Mike and Steve get into her house and bust him. This episode finally wins for two reasons: beautiful Stefanie Powers in her second appearance on the show, and one of those terrific dialogues when Steve rags Mike for Lou King's new, "highy-sophisticated" name under the witness protection program. Steve (laughing): "John Smith? That's very original! Who thought of that?" Mike (dry-witted and looking stonily): "Me!" Steve (hesitantly): "Smith. I like it, yeah! I like it! It’s got a good ring to it!". Mike (still looking stonily): "Just drive, will ‘ya?! Just drive!".

The opening sequence was filmed in a laundromat at Noe Street, close to the intersection of Market and Noe, Steve later talks to the witness on the campus of San Francisco State University. Lots of this episode's filming was accomplished in a complex that served as 'Holton penitentiary', a fictional prison name for the Bay Area. Rita King is working at an elementary school close to Mount Davidson, and the Kings' house is located in Ashbury Heights. Mike drives down to Miraloma in order to question Jack Constantine, whereas Steve interviews former mob henchman Joe Max in front of his house in Ingleside Terraces. Rita meets with Constantine at Candlestick Point - where Joe Max is murdered - and, following Constantine's arrest, Mike and Steve drop off Rita and Lou King at the Downtown Airline Terminal which used to be located downtown at 375 O'Farrell Street.

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