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Screencaps for Ep 4.08 added

I have just added the screencaps for Trail of Terror to the episodes' page. A group of four Navy sailors - Pete, Beau, Doug, and J. W. Flowers - arrives at the pier, seeking their buddy Marty, who was charged with the sale of imperial jade worth some 100,000 Dollars which they had stolen in Asia on their last assignment. The somehow overexcited group soon realises their friend had closed down his shop for good before they landed in San Francisco, so they are urgently looking for some hints on Marty's place. Just the moment Marty is about to leave for the airport - and ready to leave his girlfriend, Nancy Mellon, high and dry, Marty gets the surprise visit from his old blue-dressed Navy friends. First, Marty tries to purport he just got some 10,000 Dollars since the sale was too hot. Of course, his former buddies do not believe in what Marty says. Following a quarrel, which Nancy listens to from the room next door, Marty is knocked down by bad-tempered Doug, resulting in even more trouble when the group realises that Doug had killed him. Nancy makes it out of the house and even out of sight, but the Navy men are alerted and on a lethal mission: finding the money as well as the eye witness to their crime. When homicide is called in to Marty's place, Mike and Steve soon identify Marty's girlfriend, and Mike wants Steve to track down Nancy as she is their prime suspect for murder. Following a search issued by the SFPD, Nancy is arrested for murder at her parents' house in Sonoma County. Little does Nancy know that the four sailors were just about to locate her domicile, but although they cannot intervene they are now keeping close on her trail. When Steve is arriving in the Redwoods, ready to get Nancy back to San Francisco, the sailors are preparing their coup. Following a forced car accident, Steve and Nancy need to flee into Redwood Forest in order to save their own lives. Mike, in the meantime, gets back to Marty's aparment, searching for a lead to what he is still assuming - that Nancy killed her boyfriend. When he finally locates the bag and the money in the chimney, perspectives change and Mike awaits the return of Steve together with the suspect, Nancy. In the meantime, all the action takes place in the Redwoods, with the sailors going crazy - not only madcap Doug but also leader Pete. When the other two of them - J. W. and Beau (who actually is Doug's brother) - realise their buddies are ready for everything, they subsequently resign. J. W. leaves the group but Beau tries to stop his brother. In the end, Steve is wounded and Nancy is saving his life - and it is only the two brothers among the sailors, Beau and Doug, who survive the chivvy, ending up detained by local Sheriff Kenney and Mike who assists the search by helicopter.

The beginning takes us down to Fishermans Wharf where the sailors land at Pier 41, and they are leaving the place westbound towards Fishermen's Grotto and Alioto's. They are arriving at Marty's indian jewelry store by cab in the southern Marina District, and try to locate him in nearby 'Paul's Saloon'. Marty's and Nancy's apartment is located in North Beach, and that's also where the sailors are talking to Nancy's friend in front of a local market. Nancy's escape takes us northbound to Guerneville in Sonoma County where the rest of this episode and the hunt takes place.

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