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Screencaps for Ep 4.10 added

I have just added the screencaps for Dead Air to the episodes' page. A young pregnant girl is found murdered in her apartment. Information provided by a friend who lives next door to the victim lead Stone and Keller to radio host and lady slayer Terry Vine, who has a famous radio live talk program on women's needs. Vine, however, is a rather arrogant narcissist who is interested in his own career and money only, even unable to realize his long-time secretary Penny feels much more for him than just a professional affinity. Vine's relationship to the daughter of a wealthy media tycoon, Mr. Tyler, and his negotiating skills are just about to grant him a huge six-digit contract with one of Tyler's radio stations in Los Angeles but things are getting troublesome when another young girl who tried to blackmail Vine is also found dead. Following an attempt on Vine's and Barbara Tyler's life, he can even increase the contractual salary with Tyler's company, but Barbara starts to realize what kind of man Vine really is. In the end, love turns out to be the lethal motive in this case - and in all his arrogance, and with a little 'help' from his long-time and loyal sound engineer Frank, Vine finally uncovers his real character and buries his future career forever. This is one of my favoruite season four episodes, starring Larry Hagman who delivers a great performance, and an attracting dramatic plot.

Only a handful but rather tough-to-identify filming locations were used for this episode. First off, the initial crime scene (Sharon Farmer's apartment) is located between Buena Vista and Corona Heights Parks, whereas the Tyler mansion can be found in the Pacific Heights. Terry Vine's radio station ('KYOL93') is on Davis Street, and the car accident he and Barbara Tyler have following the bullets shot on her car takes place at the adjacent intersection of Davis & Broadway. Angela meets Terry at Hyde Street Pier, and soon after her dead body is found in her apartment in the Russian Hill District. Steve checks facts at a bank in the Financial District before things clear up, and the final scene was filmed at Walt's Diner at 7th and Townsend Streets which is a recurrent filming location (appeared in season two episodeĀ Winterkill already).

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