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Screencaps for Ep 2.11 added

I have recently added theĀ screencaps for The Victims to the episodes' page. While on convict labour, a trio of prisoners simulates an accident, takes a wounded guard hostage and later throws him off the getways vehicle. Steve has to leave his new love affair Connie - an attractive female journalist - behind when Mike calls for duty. They meet up at the hospital where the guard is treated due to being in danger of life, checking the prison's files on the fugitives. In the meantime, the escaped convicts embark on an uncompromisingly trail of violence and murder. Following a hold-up murder in a local apparel store, they kidnap and kill an elderly couple. Steve has to argue with his new girlfriend about the question if or if not criminals are also victims. Mike, who has anything but comprehension for her point of view in this particular case, lets her come with them to the crime scene where the elderly couple was killed, leaving her shocked and almost muzzled - more by Steve's unemotional way of working than by the barbarism they have to face. Another hostage-taking as well as rape are soon on the convicts' account before police can trace them to a groundkeeper's shed at the San Francisco Zoo.

The opening sequence of this episode takes us to the Marin Headlands where a group of prisoners is on convict labour. On their escape in the prison's truck, the trio is running down Conzelman Road which offers that great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve and Connie are on a motor boat tour and return to what is supposed to be Connie's waterfront house located somewhere on the east shore of the Bay (we can see the lower eastern span of the Bay Bridge in the background). The escaped trio decends on a local apparel store on Clement Street in the western part of Richmond District (the store is still there as of 2015), and police later locates the getaway truck in a parking lot at Lands' End with famous Cliff House and Seal Rocks in the near background. Next, the trail of violence leads Mike and Steve to an industrial area at Phelps Street and McKinnon Avenue (you can spot that remarkable industrial facility and chimney, plus elevated I-280 in background) where Steve almost crashes with a truck. The cons are trying to find a sufficient hideout, and the filming crew made a tremendous jump here: the scene opens with their car turning right from Clement Street onto 31st Avenue, direction north (we can see Sea Cliff mansions at the end of the street through the car's windshield, and Lincoln Park Presbytarian Church as well as the center building of George Washington High School through the back window). Then, the filming crew made a cut and relocated to Ingleside Terraces for the Thompson house which the escapees use as their hide out. Later on, the convicts take Betty Thompson hostage and try to get away again, using the family's camper. They need to refill the tank at a Chevron gas station at Fulton and 7th Ave (demolished, and area rebuilt). Finally, police surrounds them in the groundkeeper shed of San Francisco Zoo, before Mike gets Steve back to his house on Union Street where Connie is waiting for him.

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