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Screencaps for Ep 4.07 added

The screencaps for Murder by Proxy have just been added to the episodes' page. A residential neighbourhood has suddenly seen a remarkable rise of violent crime committed against private homeowners. Leo Steiner, owner of a local printing company, approaches Mike for help since the crime rate has come up to 300% of the city's average over the past few months, including property damage and threat of physical violence. Although it is not homicide's business, Mike tries to help, and soon after our two cops started their inofficial investigation, the case is getting a homicide matter when Leo Steiner is found dead in his printing facility. Mike and Steve find out that the escalation of violence may be tied to the fact that all the homeowners in the neighbourhood had been recently approached by Quincy Lloyd, a local real estate broker, making extraordinary high offers to buy their properties. Although Lloyd appears to be the fly-by-night agent that he actually is, Mike needs the (illegal) help of Leo Steiner's son, Johnny, who breaks into Lloyd's office, searching for hints on his father's death. Officially, Mike books John Steiner for burglary, but actually a short glimpse insinde the documents stolen by Steiner provides another decisive lead: Lloyd is obtaining the real estates on behalf of Communication Consolidated Inc., a major corporation - for which violence seems to be an effective instrument when money does not convince owners to sell off their properties. Just the moment when Mike and Steve are talking to Lloyd in his office, a car shooting and a following turmoil of residents against the perpetrators deliver the final piece in the puzzle, supported by a disagreement between Lloyd and his principle inside Communication Consolidated, Tom Fitz.

Another episode primarily filmed in the Potrero Hill district, starting out at the corner of Mariposa and Texas Streets where Quincy Lloyd's henchmen are threatening grocery store owner Jules Werth and his pregnant wife Sally by trashing their car. Leo Steiner talks to Mike and Steve in front of the Hall of Justice building at Bryant Street, soon after our two cops are driving up to his printing facility located in a (now demolished) warehouse close to 20th and Indiana Streets, whereas Quincy Lloyd talks to homeowner Mr. Buckey on Connecticut Street; later on, Mike and Steve also interview several homeowners (including Mr. Buckey) in that same neighbourhood. Lloyd first meets Tom Fitz in front of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, and later in Fitz' house in the Sea Cliff estate. Following Steiner's refusal of Lloyd's final offer, the latter talks to his henchmen at Aquatic Park and sends them out to solve that problem. The hounding for the henchmen starts with the shooting in front of Quincy Lloyd's office at 20th and Connecticut Streets, then to Werth's grocery store at Mariposa and Texas Streets, downwards Mariposa to the intersection with Mississippi Street where their cruise comes to a sudden end. The hounding continues by foot down Mississippi Street towards 17th Street, and ends on the railroad tracks alongside the Courtesy Auto Wreckers warehouse. Finally, the epilogue takes us South of Market where Mike, Steve and John Steiner observe construction works for the CCI's new headquarters building which actually is the 4th & Folsom block where Moscone Center was built on some five years laters.

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