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Site re-launch turns five years!

Five years have gone by since I took over The website's contents was still in its very beginnings then, and I tried my very best to keep up my ambitious schedule of one update per week (i.e. either the addition of a complete episode summary plus screencaps or of other new contents such as press release photography, promotional materials and filming locations info). I reduced speed half-way to just one update per two weeks which seemed quite appropriate to me. Thanks for all your kind feedback and inquiries over the past five years; I love to keep in contact with others related to the series in any way.

I had to take some time off due to professional and private obligations for half a year, but now it's time to return to the usual rhythm. In a first step, I finally supplemented the summary for episode Clown of Death. Updates will come up every two weeks again. Season four will be completed shortly then, and the fifth and final season is ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'thanks a lot' to fellow Streets fans Liz Edlund and Jonathan Cole who helped a lot with filming location photography over the past five years. The locations section would not be the same without their valuable contributions.

All in all: and stay tuned for the forthcoming updates!

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