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Unidentified Filming Locations

This is a list of yet unidentified filming locations discovered in The Streets of San Francisco. I am still trying to catch up with the episodes chronologically, so - to date - this list comprises episodes of season 1 up to the mid of season 3. All screenshots were taken from the official DVD in original size (768 pixel), so what you see is what is possible at the best (no larger view or anything like that, unfortunately).

I have added some (hopefully helpful) notes concerning the specific scenes and plot of the episode and the location in question - to the best of knowledge. If you got a clue or just hints or ideas, please let me know at heybuddyboy (at) thestreetsofsanfrancisco (dot) net .




Season 1, Episode 16: The Set-Up - Intermediate Scene

DVD Playing Times:
04:20 min - 05:26 min
07:19 min - 08:50 min

Following an attempt on the life of a key witness in prison, police takes him in protective custody. Mike and Steve deliver the witness to a complex dubbed 'Clover Leaf - Rest Home'. Again, the actual location is unknown.



Season 3, Episode 3: Target: Red - Army General West mansion

DVD Playing Times:
14:00 min - 15:28 min
28:47 min - 32:00 min
50:05 min - 50:51 min


Season 3, Episode 4: Mask Of Death
- Mrs. Stanfield's mansion

DVD Playing Times:
13:10 min - 16:35 min

Acting as the man behind the scenes, General West is living in a huge mansion of unknown location. I have taken screencaps of both, the front as well as the rear side where there is a large swimming pool in the garden. The same mansion was used in the succeeding episode 'Mask of Death' (I am including a screencap from that episode too).



Season 3, Episode 7: Jacob's Boy - Todd family mansion

DVD Playing Times:
24:57 min - 27:53 min

Jacob is working for business man Todd and his son. The Todd familiy's house is shown from outside in a brief exterior shot only. Could be a suburban part, such as Hillsborough, but that is just a guess. 



Season 4, Episode 20: Clown of Death - Reiner's apartment

DVD Playing Times:
00:00 min

This is a tough one. Mike and Steve want to interview the brother of a killed circus rigger and drive up to his apartment. There are only two short exterior scenes but these sequences offer at least a glimpse of the building and the adjacent house. Plus, when Mike and Steve leave the apartment house, there's a colourful glass above the door with number '425' in it (this could be (or probably is) the house number). Inside apartment numbers include apartment '106' which is the one where Reiner lived. Any clues?






Season 1, Episode 26: Legion of the Lost - Hospital views

DVD Playing Times:
25:24 min - 26:57 min
38:19 min - 38:22 min


Season 4, Episode 4: Men Will Die
- Different exterior shot

DVD Playing Time:
35:52 min - 35:56 min

Exterior shots of this building's facade were used in season 1 episode "Legion of the Lost" and season 3 episode "Solitaire". Both scenes of stock footage were pretty similar (one at night, the other at daylight). Thanks to a completely different total view of the building with adjacent intersection and more details, Jonathan from San Clemente identified the actual location of this hospital complex. It is Saint Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California. The dark street sign fueled our common suspicion this hospital might have been located in Southern California, and Jon put the pieces together and finally found it. The (former main) building does not exist anymore - it was probably demolished around 2006/07 - but the adjacent complex which also has the catholic cross on top (refer to the far left part of the last screencap at bottom) is still existing.
As for the dialogue scenes in 'Legion of the Lost', there's serious doubt that these scenes were filmed at the same building, though. When Mike (impersonating a bummer) talks to Steve, one can see an import car dealer across the street (with a couple of Volkswagen and a VW flag in background) at the intersection, and after Steve leaves through the entrance, there's a wall sign saying 'Emergency Entrance for General Hospital - Outpatients use Hospital Entrance on G Street'. Taken into account that Burbank does not have any streets named by alphabet or numbers, this sign as well as all the others applied to walls and windows were placed there just for filming. Same goes for the car dealer as an indicator as I could not find any car import businesses close to that area in Burbank back in the 1970's. It seems likely that a generic building was used for the close-up dialogue scenes.






Season 2, Episode 21: The Hard Breed - China Man Bar

DVD Playing Times:
21:00 min - 21:07 min
21:08 min - 24:31 min (interior only)

Following the lethal rodeo contest, several members of the rodeo staff teams meet at a local restaurant or bar dubbed 'China Man Bar'. Unfortunately, there was just a short sequence of the outer facade shown, no camera approaches or swing, so it has been a pretty tough task. Thanks to Aaron from San Francisco, the building was finally found. It belongs to a bar established as early as 1907 on Grant Avenue.



Season 3, Episode 16: Letters From The Grave - Phyllis Stebbins' apartment

DVD Playing Times:
23:48 min - 24:30 min

Former wife of ex-Alcatraz prison guard Herb Stebbins, Phyllis Stebbins, is living in an apartment shown by night only. Mike and Steve are leaving the red brick-stone building, walking down the street towards their car, passing another (different style) office or retail building, and then there is a glimpse of an elevated two-level freeway in background (rather close to their car). It could have been close to Embarcadero, or to one of the freeway locations in the Western Addition or South of Market. In a certain scene, at a certain lighting, I identified the outer capital letter signs 'M', 'C', 'A' of the YMCA building, specifically at the rear side on Seuart Street.




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